Hunt Valley Environmental, LLC (HVE) specializes in a variety of services. To go above and beyond the expectation of our clients is what we strive for. Each job has challenges, and with HVE, you know that we have the ability to conform to all specifications and rise to the challenge. We emphasize a safe and friendly environment not only for ourselves, but for our customers and the general public.


HVE understands the difficulties and concerns related to sites contaminated with asbestos. HVE’s management team and workers are experienced in the removal of asbestos containing materials from smaller projects to large sites existing in many complex environments. Our staff licenses and experience allow us to provide a full range of asbestos related services from site inspection and sampling, to abatement.


Lead exposure can occur when lead becomes airborne during construction, renovation, or routine maintenance work. HVE can contribute to your project by providing inspection and sampling of potential sources of lead contamination and by implementing either a lead hazard reduction plan or by performing lead abatement.


HVE has experience in providing a full range of environmental permitting for rehabilitation and new construction project. Our staff has experience completing PA DEP Wetlands and Waterways Encroachment General and Joint Permit, General and Individual NPDES Permit, Federal Army Corps of Engineer 404 Permits, PA DEP Surface Mining General Permits, and PA DEP Oil and Gas ESCGP Permits.


Any project that involves the earth disturbance of 5000 square feet or more is required to have an approved erosion and sedimentation control plan. HVE has provided our clients with erosion and sedimentation control plans that are easy to implement and maintain and are cost effective. Our extensive experience working closely with the county and state agencies responsible for the oversight of these plans give us the knowledge to get projects approved in a timely manner.


HVE offers its clients a multitude of services related to natural resources. Our staff has wide-ranging capabilities and experience related to natural resources studies. Our natural resources services include: Wetland Permitting, Delineation, Enhancement, Restoration, and Functional Assessment; Streambank Restoration, Relocation, and Stabilization; Wetland Mitigation Design, Wetland Construction Inspection and Monitoring; Aquatic Investigations, Wildlife Habitat Assessment Studies; and Ecosystem Restoration and Watershed Planning.


HVE provides environmental construction management services for both the public and private sector. These services include; coordination with the environmental agencies during construction, attending field views and performing inspections as needed to ensure environmental compliance, reviewing and interpreting contract documents as they pertain to environmental issues, representing clients interest in the occurrence of environmental violations or compliance issues, coordinating design changes and conflicts as they relate to environmental issues with the owner, or their representatives, and the environmental agencies.

HVE is an approved PennDOT Business Partner and PA State Vendor